Social Welfare

With little government support and the continuing erosion of family structures, there is an increased need to support the marginalised and vulnerable. The SCT provides support for a broad range of Non-Govern
mental Organisations serving the disabled, the abused, the homeless, the terminally ill, the unemployed and orphans.

Our orphan sponsorship programme is part of our response to the HIV/AIDS crisis facing the nation. Supported children are helped with school fees, uniforms and learning materials.

Individuals are encouraged to support children throughout their primary school education. Children who have lost both parents and those suffering greatest material hardship are targeted. As these children commonly experience extra difficulties at school, continued sponsorship is linked to neither performance nor health. Sponsorship can continue throughout the child’s education but the cost of high school education is usually beyond the means of individual sponsors. We have established a fund to support those students who will most benefit from a high school education.