The Luxembourg Christmas Bazaar

At Christmas 2006 the SCT was chosen as one of the recipients for the money raised at the British stand of the annual International Bazaar. The £2,412 donation was put towards the high school education of NhlanhlaMawelala, a sponsored orphan who completed primary school with flying colours.

Lucky by Name
“I am NhlanhlaMawelela from Dvokolwako in Swaziland. I am a young gentleman of twenty years old. I live in a single parented family with my mother and two little brothers. My fatherdied when I was ten years old.I started schooling in 1997 at Manzana PrimarySchool. Everything was running smoothly.I was proceeding from one class to anothereach academic year and I was enjoying being astudent. The problem started when my fatherdied when I was in grade 4. The responsibilitieswere shifted to my mother alone. She wasgrowing crops and selling them in order toget money to pay for my school fees. Aftertwo years my mother got sick and she was nolonger able to manage the garden. This resultedin myself dropping out of school due to theshortage of money.

“As I was staying at home, one man came andasked me to go and look after his cattle sothat he could pay my school fees. I acceptedthat offer because I had the ambition to goto school. Life was not easy for me as I wassupposed to take the cattle to the farm everymorning before I went to school. This made mearrive very late to school every day. Before theend of that year I was sent back home to collectschool fees since the man had only paid thefirst term. That meant dropping out of schoolagain. I went back to stay with my mother forthree years. I had to watch her fighting forher life as she was sick. A dream came to mymind that if I could get a chance to learn, Icould become a doctor. Even now that dream isstill in my mind. Towards the end of 2003 mymother got better but she still could not work.

“In 2005 I met with the Swaziland CharitableTrust. These are the only people who were100% able to take me back to school. I startedin Grade 6 and in 2007 I was in Grade 7when I got a first class pass with merit. I thenproceeded to secondary level at DvokolwakoHigh School. Every morning I walk about 9km to school. I passed my Form 1 and 2 to sitfor an external examination in Form 3 whenI got another first class pass with merit. I amcurrently in Form 4.

“I am now looking forward to Form 5 which isthe class that will determine my future. I haveall the necessary equipment needed for myeducation. The ball is now in my court. I haveto work hard until I reach my destiny.

“Thank you Charitable.”

2010 – Nhlanhla is Siswati for lucky