Our Projects

The SCT makes grants equalling approximately £40,000 annually. Donations made to the Trust, increase the assistance we can give. The selection of projects, recipients and partners below will give a flavour of the Trust’s programme. Further details can be found in the Trust’s newsletters.

Recent Grants

Grants are made 3-4 times annually. These are some of the applications that were granted recently.

Recipient Organisation Purpose of Grant
St. Joseph’s High School Plumbing, tiling, cupboard fittings and utensils for the consumer science laboratory
School for the Deaf Sewing and industrial machines
Holy Ghost Primary School Construction of 2 bedsitters for staff
Improving Lives Coops, Nginamadvolo, Pigg’s Peak Water tanks, pump and pipes for the community agriculture project
Zamimpilo Water Project, Herefords, Buhleni Water pipes for new agricultural scheme for the Matfuntini community
Mphetseni Primary School Consumer science laboratory chairs, sewing machines and overhead projector
Siphumelele Primary School Building of consumer science laboratory
Ndunayithini High School Construction of  school kitchen