What We Do

The agricultural programme targets low rainfall areas where there is an acute shortage of food. Unemployment in rural areas is


How to Help

The Swaziland Charitable Trust welcomes donations to assist in its work. Donations go directly to where the need is greatest.


Our Projects

The SCT makes grants equalling approximately £40,000 annually. Donations made to the Trust, increase the assistance we can give. The



The Swaziland Charitable Trust (The SCT) works for the people of Swaziland, helping to develop a healthy and well educated community. Collective and individual efforts are supported. The Trust’s long experience in Swaziland and its local Board of Management ensure that assistance is responsive to local needs. Organisations, both large and small, can apply to the SCT for grants.

The projects we support are closely monitored and seen through to completion. The SCT most commonly offers grants to schools and charities in Swaziland. It operates an orphan support scheme, it oversees the twinning of a British secondary school with a Swazi one and it acts as a conduit for other charities assisting Swaziland.